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Apps are all around us.  You may have one for traffic reports, that tell you a way around a snarl in commuter traffic, or one that tells you where the nearest bar or restaurant is, based on your location.

Succulent ID App

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This little app that I've developed is a way to find out what some common succulents are. Do you need to identify a succulent so you can care for it better?  Here's where you can find out.

It has a search function, so you can find plants that way, or just look for the category that your plant fits into; blue succulents, flowering succulent plants, spikey leaved succulents and so on.  No need to know the incomprehensible botanical name for it.

If you have a cell phone or other mobile device, it's meant to be accessed either at your local garden center, at a box store like Lowes or Walmart, or in your collection.

No internet access is required to use it.

It stands to reason that this won't be encyclopedic in scale - it will be a way to identify a plant by a simple description, then give you some plants that could be described that way to compare to the one in front of you. 

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Each profile will give you a picture, to compare to your plant, and a key, to tell you what kinds of conditions that plant will thrive it, whether full sun, indoors, or out in the cold.

Of course, there is no way of listing every single kind.  I've chosen from the ones that people ask me about the most, either by emailing me, asking on one of my question and answer pages, or on the Facebook page.  Because there are quite often the same plants asked about time and again, these will of course be in the App. 

I hope you'll sign up for it to get early bird notification when it's published and ready for release; (Oh yes, the price. Be prepared for a huge outlay... it will be $1.99 USD)

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