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Succulent Crafts E-Course

Learn how to make rustic and unique succulent crafts

After lots of trial and error, and possibly a good dose of frustration, you can figure out how to put together some unique and interesting crafts to display in your garden.

With my help, you don't have to have the 'error' part - get it right the first time.

I've had lots of experience figuring out how to make some really different garden accents, and here's where you too can learn how to to do it with my help.

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I like to see people having success with these crafts that I have so much fun with, and brainstorming problems, helping to solve obstacles and teach the outside the box thinking that has helped me to be so successful with rustic crafts is what I live for.

The e-course will consist of video, slide shows, tutorials and much more to inspire enthusiasm, help with problems and to encourage you to let your inner artisan loose. 

Painted Pots...

You can do it!

Panty Hose Wreath - make one!

Yes, this really is a succulent wreath made out of a
pair of panty hose

If your mind is always working on finding a way around a problem, join the club! I've had this affliction for a long time, and the only cure is...more crafts! I've had so much fun figuring out how to make some really different things to display my ever growing collection of favorite plants in...

Hypertufa Hands

You might recognize this one if you're a Pinterest fan

Unique and unusual doesn't mean difficult - most of my crafts are basic, and with easy to follow instructions - creating isn't frustrating with a helping hand. These tutorials are inspirational, and will give you the basics, then you can take it and run with it, to make your very own creation.

Metal Thrift Store Basket planted with lush, beautiful Sempervivum

How on earth do the plants stay in there?

Some of my projects are unique; you'll never see these anywhere else, and now I'm going to share how I make them - you'll get some insight into the way my mind works and how I come up with some of these fascinating ways to display my favorite plants.

Spheres are fascinating - learn how to make this one, or one just like it...

Sempervivum Globe

Making unique and interesting crafts out of salvaged and rustic junk, cheap and free supplies from the thrift store or garage sales and filling them with lush plantings of our favorite succulents is taking the gardening world by storm. Learn how you can make some really fun projects for your garden.

What's included in the Succulent Crafts E-Course?

Painted Pots

Panty Hose Wreaths

How to Make Hypertufa

What to Plant in your creations

Hypertufa Pinch Pots

Succulent Globes

How to Plant

Hypertufa Sag Pots

Hypertufa Hands

Succulent Mosaics

Hypertufa Strata Planters

Hypertufa Fissures

Here's where you can purchase the e-course; it will come right to your inbox in 12 installments, each one dealing with a different craft.  Once you click on the button below, you will be taken to Pay Pal to complete your purchase.  It's important that you put your correct name and email address so that I can send you the links to the course.

The cost for this never before offered course is $19.99 for twelve installments of instructions and inspiration;

So what else do you get with the Succulent Crafts E-Course?  How about exclusive access to a Facebook group specifically for you to get help with any troubles, tribulations and most importantly, to brag about your triumphs?  You'll get an invitation to join the group after purchasing the E-Course.

Who would this course be perfect for?

  • If you have a succulent plant business, and want to take it to the next level for your customers
  • Innovative gardeners with a yearning to make totally unique crafts to display
  • Those with a collection of succulents with no place to put them

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