Start Your Own Succulent Plant Microbusiness

Growing Succulents for Profit

There are so many options for creating your own business, but few that are so cheap to start than one concentrating on succulent plants.

Start your own Succulent Plant Business

My successful online plant business was a hit for years and cost me almost nothing to start. Since I was diagnosed with MS, I can no longer garden and grow the plants I love, so the business went to a new home with some lovely people in Ontario.

Of course, there was my addiction for the plants, with the need to hoard every single one I set my eyes on, and that's where it starts.

Maybe your Succulent Plant Business dream looks something like this...

When you have a lot of different kinds of plants it's fun and enthralling to create containers for them, figure out ways to display them, propagate them and soon you have more than you know what to do with.

or, maybe you love propagating succulent plants...

So start a business!  There are so many collectors (read; hoarders) of plants out there, eager to garner new and exciting species for their collection.  People love to display them and show them off in a perfect handmade pot.

or planting them in beautiful handmade hypertufa pots

They can be planted in hypertufa pots, wood blocks, terra cotta pots, clay pots and rustic salvage.

They can be pruned into bonsai forms, planted in xeriscape gardens, used as wedding favors.

These incredibly versatile and beautiful plants are an endless fascination and inspiration.  What will your micro business look like? 

What's included?  How about 6 free bonus pdf's and e-courses ($60.00 value).

Is it worth it?  How will I make my money back?  That's simple; sell 30 succulents for $3.33 each, and you've broken even.  Everything after that is gravy. Whatever you want to sell, this e-course will show you how to do it, with details and step by step.

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