Spikey bromeliad-like plant with large red flowers

by Steve
(Derby, UK)

Small plant about 18 inches across with long dark green spikey leaves like a bromeliad producing spectacular pendulous red flowers

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Wow, Steve - that's awesome! It looks like some kind of alien.

If this is a Bromeliad similar to the Queens Tears.

It should be watered periodically and allowed to almost dry out between, but only use rainwater or distilled water.

Never use water that has been through a softening unit, or plain tap water which may have chemicals in that can harm the plant. Even some well water is full of minerals, so it's advised not to use that either.

These are interesting plants that originate in thick jungles, so they rely on rainfall that may be only once in a while heavy enough to reach the ground where they live.

The canopy of leaves can be very thick, so these plants have evolved to live in conditions where even though the trees get lots of rain, the roots may not be getting wet.

Happy Succulent Gardening!

Comments for Spikey bromeliad-like plant with large red flowers

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Jun 03, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have this same plant and can't figure out what its called! Sure is beautiful though

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