Spike-like leathery leaves growing upward - with orange flowers

by Connie
(Murrieta, CA)

I have seen this plant as a much larger version at Rogers Gardens in Southern California and it was extremely expensive.

It has blue green spike-like leathery leaves and long spike-like orange flowers grows out of the stem.

Hi Connie, This would be some type of Aloe, and there are many, many different species. This is a huge genus, and the plants range from giants of over 4 feet across, to diminutive little dwarf varieties that stay in a 4" pot for years.

They are characterized by the soft teeth on the edges of the fleshy leaves, some larger than others, but all regularly spaced, and not very sharp.

The flowers as you say are spectacular, tall spires of red or orange bell shaped blooms, just what the hummingbirds ordered. They love Aloe flowers, if you're lucky enough to live in a place where these plants will get enough sun to bloom.

You can see more here: Aloe succulent plants and Aloe plants.

Sorry I can't tell you exactly which species you have, but there are no bad ones, out of the entire genus (unless you run out of room!)

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Jul 30, 2012
Aloe Plant
by: Connie

Thanks Jacki for your information - I am so pleased I live in an area that enables this plant to bloom - you are correct - the hummies love my Aloe orange blossoms

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