spear shaped leaves

by Ashley
(Urbana, IL)

spear shaped leaf succulent

spear shaped leaf succulent

About four inches tall with a greenish purple stem and one and a half inch long spear shaped leaves.

The plant was free but it didn't have a name. In addition to the leaves being spear shaped , they are also outlined in purple with a small sharp tip. Please let me know what it is so I can care for it properly. Thanks!

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Ashley, this looks to be some type of Echeveria but I'm sorry I don't know which one - there are literally thousands of great varieties and species, some more well known than others, and many other introductions grown from seed.

However, the care that they all require is similar; Bright light, the occasional thorough watering, and well drained soil. You can see more of what I recommend for how to grow Echeveria and some more general guidelines to succulent care here.

Happy Succulent Growing!

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