soggy red headed irish man

by Sarah

my red headed Irish man started to lean the other day, I assumed it got bumped and went to re plant in the dirt and as soon I touched the bottom, it just collapsed in and now there is a gaping hole in the bottom, while The top is still firm.... Is there anyway way to potentially save it?? It is currently in a coir,pebble, pearlite,soil mix.

Drought Smart Plants reply; I'm going to assume that this is some sort of cactus - I've never heard the name of red headed Irish man! I think in this case, it's game over, sorry. When cacti get this kind of root rot, there is no way to save them, they just turn to mush.

I don't know where you would have got the idea to use coir, I certainly don't recommend using any kind of water retaining material in a cacti potting mix. Quite often, commercial greenhouses use these kinds of soilless mixes, but I don't recommend them for growing your cacti indoors, it's way too easy to overwater. This is the single most common way that cacti are killed off.

Sorry you've had a bad experience - however, the horticulturists motto is, if at first you kill the plant, try, try, try again!

Good luck on your next attempt!

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