Sedum kamschaticum

Kamtschatka or Russian Stonecrop

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This form of Sedum kamschaticum or Kamschatka Stonecrop was originally variegated when I liberated the cutting from a friend, but quickly reverted to plain green, which I find I prefer over the splashy variegation.

Gorgeous golden blooms cover the entire plant in July...

This plant is always attractive, with glossy toothed foliage covered by starry golden blooms in summer. The habit is mounding and well behaved.

In fall after experiencing some cold temperatures, especially after a dry summer, the foliage will turn an exceptional pinky red colour before it falls off for the winter.

Depending on the weather as it goes dormant, sometimes it retains its leaves.

Ultimate size is around 50cm (16") across, and mounding to 15 to 20cm (5-6") tall. I use this extensively in green roof mixtures, but it does equally well in borders and larger containers.

Sedum kamschaticum in fall - pretty pink blushed foliage...

As you may have guessed from the common name, this is one tough plant, reliable in cold winters with snow cover, and also in warm climates too, according to gardeners in some areas of hot summers.  It's easily grown from cuttings, and in some cases may even reseed itself but it's never invasive.


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