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Sedum makes an ideal plant in containers and troughs due to its ability to resist drought and heat, in fact preferring those conditions.

Growing Sedum in sandy soil, among gravel or rocks or in fast draining containers is its favorite situation.

Sedum in Containers - some choices...there are many, many different ones to choose from...

Here are some fabulous small scale choices for containers and trough plantings; they are also happy in root planters and strawberry pots either alone or in combination with Sempervivum or Jovibarba

To trail over the edge, choose those that tend to spread, and plant more upright types in the center of a large pot or planter.

Some of my favorite planters are hypertufa pinch pots - the hardy succulents that I plant in them love the rough texture of the concrete and peat moss mixture.

The textures of all these combine to make a tapestry or patchwork quilt effect.

All require well drained soil with some added grit, or pumice, and prefer a stone or lava rock mulch around the crown. Water well, and then allow to dry almost completely between watering.

Click on the links below the picture for more details about each plant.

Sedum - choose low growing varieties and species for container planting...

Sedum album

Sedum album 'Athoun'

Sedum album 'Faro Form'

Sedum cauticola

Sedum cyaneum 'Willy Bellot'

Sedum cyaneum 'Rose Carpet'

Sedum dasyphyllum

Sedum ewersii

Sedum forsterianum

Sedum griffithsii

Sedum niveum

Sedum oreganum

Sedum pachyclados 'White Diamond'

Sedum reflexum 'Angelina'

Sedum reflexum 'Blue Spruce'

Sedum reflexum 'Sandy’s Silver Crest'

Sedum selskianum 'Variegatum'

Sedum spathufolium 'Capo Blanco'

Sedum spathufolium 'Purpureum'

Sedum spurium album 'Superbum'

Sedum spurium 'Dragon’s Blood'

Sedum spurium 'Fruland'

Sedum spurium 'Fuldaglut'

Sedum spurium 'Voodoo'

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