Replaced our lawn with thyme.

by Linda Young
(Buffalo, NY USA)

Thyme in bloom June 17

Thyme in bloom June 17

When we decided to convert to a grass free lawn in front of our house, we knew nothing about ground covers or drought smart plants.

We bought eight or 10 varieties of ground covers and watched the results. Although we have some of the original plants still growing the hands down best performer was the thyme.

After one growing season it was obvious we would have a mostly thyme lawn. The added benefit was that after the initial purchase, we never bought another plant.

Strategically placed cuttings and a little patience lead to a lush carpet that almost never gets watered and becomes lavender in early Summer.

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Aug 18, 2017
Flies, or Bees?
by: Jacki

Thyme attracts bees, some of which are tiny little pollinator, solitary bees.

Generally, they are not aggressive and just want to get to the business of collecting pollen for their young.

Is this what you're seeing?

If so, they won't hang around after the thyme finishes flowering (well, they will, but you most likely won't see them).

You could weed whack all the flowers off, but the bloom time is so short lived, maybe this is not an option.

Stay strong, V!

Aug 18, 2017
Mature thyme after 2 years
by: V

Spent lots of hours and money converting lawn to creeping thyme. Was so looking forward to beautiful, maintenance free ground cover, but to my horror, found that thyme draws flies! Is there a remedy or must I choose between a fly covered yard or completely removing all that creeping thyme?

Jun 22, 2015
Choke those weeds!
by: Jacki

Thyme in time will get so thick that it completely shades out the weeds, so eventually there are none. That's what I've found in my garden, anyway. Thyme will also choke out big clumps of Sempervivum and kill them!

Jun 22, 2015
by: Mary

That is beautiful - what a good alternative to grass. But how is the weeding? What do you do?

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