Plant from Sunny Southern California

San Diego succulent. Please help ID.

San Diego succulent. Please help ID.

This plant is rooted in gravel and has beautiful purple to green leaves with some copper mixed in. Warty flesh. I only have the one photo. Picture was taken in June 2010, and the plant seem to be almost ready to bloom.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

This looks like some kind of Echeveria. The gorgeously textured warty growths are called 'carunculations', most notable in some other Echeveria hybrids such as Echeveria 'Paul Bunyan'.

It would have bloomed soon after this picture was taken with long arching stems covered with dangling orange or pink bells.

If this was growing wild, it quite possibly is a seed grown volunteer - and it's gorgeous! How exciting if it is a volunteer; what an incredible find.


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