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Do you have a business in the gardening niche?  Then advertise on this site to get more traffic from interested visitors.

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You will need to know how much traffic to expect.  Most of my visitors are in the US, but also from the UK, Canada, Australia and other countries. 

There is a wide array of ways they find me, many from Pinterest or Facebook, others do a web search for the terms, succulents, succulent crafts, xeriscape gardening and many more.

Here is an overview of my followers;

Facebook followersFacebook Followers - 4000
Pinterest followersPinterest followers - 12k
Twitter followersTwitter followers - 272
Xeria E-Zine SubscribersXeria E-Zine Subscribers - 3420
Traffic on Drought Smart PlantsTraffic on Drought Smart Plants - 288k per month

The numbers go up all the time, and fluctuate a bit - the most popular time is February to October.

Looking to take advantage of my traffic and get your ad in front of eager eyeballs?

I offer these ad sizes, with your image (or mine) and a few lines of text to intrigue your customers.  The mouseover text can be anything you wish to encourage visitors to click.

Here are the ad options and their prices.  All pricing based on six months of ad exposure in the right column or main column of every page on my site;

600x150 ad600x150 ad block - $600 for six months
250x250 ad250x250 ad block - $400 for six months

Advertising Space Availability;

600x150 ad block

August 2016-Feb 2017 (one spot only)

250x250 ad block

March 2016 (several spots in side bar)

If you have other ideas to promote your site, using my email subscribers, posts on Facebook or other social media, or you wish to sponsor this site, lets talk - please contact me

Numbers updated October 2016.

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Trafeze: 5⭐️ Solopreneur Monetization Concept. For those with a blog or website - read on...

Are you a 'solopreneur' with a micro business online?  You may have already found that it's not so easy to make a living with it as you first thought.

If you're not happy with the amount your business is bringing in, no matter how hard you work, this sounds like me.

There is an answer!

Why are these successful solopreneurs so dissatisfied? You would think they've got it all; a nice little online business that seems to be thriving, being self reliant, and having it all.  As website traffic grows, though, you face the dilemma of solo success.

A simple life, with passive income from Google Adsense and other pay per click ads, or Amazon's affiliate program, should be ideal.

But there's another option; hiring others as part of your sales team, giving them jobs that you may not really want to do, and managing all the risk and complexity. You can sell your own products, with the help of others to assist you.

What if there were a third way -- a way to substantially increase your bottom-line earnings while still remaining solo? No risk. No complexity.

That's Trafeze, the only monetization network for solopreneurs. I'll jump straight to the bottom line in case that's enough…

Earn More and Stay Solo (But Not "Alone"). And it's free.

Incredibly valuable product. And free. What's not to love?

Go to Trafeze to get started! Or, if you want more information, here it is…

Trafeze connects 1) solopreneurs who have built a high-traffic niche site full of high-value content with 2) other solopreneurs who have great products that they want to sell more of. If your niches match, both of you have the opportunity to grow your incomes, no middleman.

Product Sellers can sell more by reaching the matching audience of Traffic Sellers through a wide variety of possible promotions. There's much more to the marketing world than paid ads…

Social media, special format ads such as Hello Bars, sponsorships, email marketing, guest blogging. You name it, Trafeze gets you to the "deal" and income fast!

There's no fee. No catch. Create a free listing for your business that says who you are and whom you reach. If you pass the traffic algorithm, you become a member of a rather special group of solopreneurs.

Your site does have to deliver high traffic. Trafeze's algorithm determines that. If you miss at first, the good news is that a negative assessment is not permanent. Trafeze rescans all accounts regularly.

The concept is truly ground-breaking…

Combine "free" with the fast identification of niche-appropriate partners, with the ability to customize a promotional program. Result?

Trafeze unlocks income from seriously under-monetized traffic while also enabling product sellers to build stronger, more original, and higher ROI campaigns. It enables…

  • passive monetizers to take back control of their business.
  • active monetizers (those with their own product or service) to find numerous new high-traffic opportunities (everything imaginable, from ads to joint venture deals).

It's much like Uber except under-monetized automobiles become websites and unhappy passengers who want a better ride at a better price are traffic buyers. Trafeze is "The Uber of Monetization."

Remember, Trafeze is free (no upfront fee, no commissions, no charge of any kind)! And it'll free you from "GiantCo" control.

No need to gamble… Keep how you're monetizing and blend Trafeze in for a while. When you see what we mean, you'll phase "the old" out.

No downside, tons of upside…

Sign up today!

NOTE: Traffic Sellers (high-traffic websites) can complete a full listing right now. Traffic Buyers can register intent, something I highly suggest doing, too. You will be among the first beta testers to complete the first deals and benefit!

Your free listing provides your website's address and information. You can also provide your social network profiles, which establishes two more points…

1) It creates a more complete picture of your online presence.
2) It informs potential "Traffic Buyers" that you are a force in Social Media site x, y or z (whichever URLs you enter).

IMPORTANT: Of course, Trafeze runs each channel through a "social algorithm." Each social listing must pass its specific test to be listed.

TIP: Enter all of your social channels, even the ones that you doubt would pass. If one or more of your social media do not pass, there is no penalty, no notice to the world that you failed your Vine application! ;-) I always take nothing-to-lose options.

Finally, simply check the kind of promotions you might be interested in. Such as:

  • Ad Placement
  • Site Sponsorship
  • Hello Bar
  • Lead Generation
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Joint Venture
  • Partnership

You are under NO obligation to accept a deal, of course. If it sounds like it will work for you, then you strike a deal! If not, you pass and move on. It's that simple.

You can also accept as many deals as you like, within sound business sense, of course. Don't turn your site into a flashing cash register! A social media campaign for one Traffic Buyer, site sponsorship for 2 others and a joint venture email marketing for a 4th starts adding up to some serious income. But chose wisely (follow the help).

You are, naturally, expected to act honorably and efficiently. You're playing in a rather select playground now.

So there is going to be a rating system - stars and reviews. Trafeze focuses on not just being the ONLY system of its kind, but the best (no matter how many competitors chase them later on).

Here's my bottom line…

I've created a listing for my business, and I think you should too. Just go to to sign up. See you there!

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