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Looks like a Jade Plant, but has fuzzy leaves

by Debra
(Charlottesville, VA)

This doesn't appear to be any kind of parasite, but rather the natural texture of the leaves. It has the same shaped leaves and general characteristics of a Jade Plant, only the leaves are fuzzy.

I am not sure of the proper care of the plant (I was told it likes the outdoors and fresh air during the summer), and don't want to kill it out of ignorance. My smooth leafed Jade seems quite happy with 'benign neglect', that is watering it lightly about once a week or 10 days, and has more than tripled in size - baby plants appear underneath on a regular basis. Do I care for the fuzzy leafed one the same way? Or is it not a Jade Plant at all? If not, what is it?

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Debra, this looks like some type of Echeveria or other succulent plant (sorry, nothing's leaping out at me for identification), which requires the same kind of care as your Crassula (Jade Plant).

The hairy appearance is typical of some succulents as it is a common drought smart strategy.

Have a look at how to grow Echeveria and succulent care pages.

From the pictures, I wonder if it's getting enough light - the stems seem rather long as though they're stretching to get more light. This is a very important requirement for succulents of all kinds, so a bright window (east or south is best) and as you've already heard, outside in a bright place for the summer.

You should have good success with propagating this succulent, with the added benefit that it will cause more bushier growth to start from below where you cut off pieces to root as cuttings.


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Comments for Looks like a Jade Plant, but has fuzzy leaves

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May 22, 2012
Fuzzy Jade Plant
by: Dhahabu

Very Interesting. While traveling in Italy, I came upon this jade like plant with fuzzy leaves.
It had been potted very nicely. Never seen one before. I have asked a friend who owns a garden shop about this plant, if she has any in her shop.
I'll post whatever information I get; care, nurishment, etc.
Stay tuned.

Dec 30, 2012
i have the same plant
by: Anonymous

I'd love more information about this plant if anyone has any. My plant is super healthy, but when I shake it lightly, many of the fuzzy leaves fall off. I'm not sure if this is normal for the plant but it's a little disturbing since it seems so healthy. Please advise!

Dec 30, 2012
Update on Fuzzy leafed Jade Plant
by: Debra

I managed to get the longer stems down to the soil and rooted - I then cut away the leggy stems. It stayed on my deck all summer, back up against the house - lots of light, but not direct sun. The plant appears to be thriving. Believe it or not, this and the regular Jade plant seem to LIKE frequent watering during the summertime. Both grew a LOT, and are thick, strong and healthy.

Still don't know WHAT the plant is, but it is turning out to be rather pretty!

Aug 08, 2013
We have the same plant
by: Jenny

We have the same plant in our office and have no idea of how much to water it. Is it once a week? Once every other week?

Aug 08, 2013
Original Poster
by: Debra

I can't figure out how to get back 'in' and post additional photos - moderator??

The plant is going great guns! I posted that last summer it stayed outside and was watered frequently. It might be a succulent, but it likes water. I don't think it would like 'wet feet', but as long as your soil drains well, it would most likely get along well with frequent waterings. I have a lot of vegetables on my deck (the deer, you know) and water them daily. I generally water everything on the deck at the same time. So even my succulents are getting daily waterings. They are growing like crazy. The fuzzy jade plant is growing low to the soil, but is lush and full. I don't know if it will grow 'tall' again as long as it gets plenty of water, but am pretty happy with the way it looks. Wish I could post a picture as it is now. It hardly looks like the same plant!

Hi Debra, thanks for the update! You can just add a new submission with an updated photo, and I'll merge them into one page, to keep them together.


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