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large wavy fleshy leaves

by mackenzie

I am assuming this is a succulent. It's leaves are thick and fleshy. Long thin stalks have grown from the one leaf I was give (2ft tall)I'm assuming these will strengthen and tiny leaves have started to form. No sign of flowers. I was told it could be an orchid, upon some research I disagree, but I am no botanist

I was given this plant as one leaf, he told me if I put it in dirt it would grow, and it has. I have named him Stick until I get an official confirmation of species.

Drought Smart Plants reply:
I've revisited this one, and I think what this could be is Cereus, the Queen of the Night. That would be where the suggestion that it's an Orchid came from, as these quite often are called Orchid Cactus.

This particular one will bloom very rarely, and only at night, so if you see a bud starting, you'll have to check it during the night to actually see it bloom. The scent is supposed to be spectacular too, so this will certainly be an event to remember.

For some other closely related plants, see Epiphyllum here.


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May 22, 2011
Zygo relative?
by: Anonymous

Those leaves reminded me of Zygo cactus (Christmas cactus) with the notches along the edges. Can't find anything on them here. I'll have to share this with my pal who is in Australia to see if she knows.

May 22, 2011
my plant
by: mackenzie

Yes the leaves do look like Christmas cactus, but just one huge segment of, there are no spikes, or indications the leaf shape will fragment, just large wavy long leaves.

Those large stalks have started to grow small leaves less than a centimeter.

After searching the net for the last couple hours
I think I have foud a real name for stick!
he's a night blooming Cereus! This is what he looks like, now I know what to expect for flowers etc. So cool!


You Tube video

May 28, 2011
Orchid Cactus
by: Anonymous

I believe it is an Orchid Cactus. A friend of mine in Australia mentioned she thought it was and I looked at photos and sure enough, that's it. Here's the Wikipedia link that has images and info.


Happy Gardening!

Jun 30, 2011
Wax plant?
by: Anonymous

I have no idea what the name is, but, my daughter gave me a start of the plant and it has bloomed. Mine had small white flowers that look like they are made of wax. The flowers are thick and last a long time.

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