I tryed the recipe suggested for Hypertufa hands....did it!!!

by Vicki Williams
(North Gower, ON.)

Quite 'hand'some....:)

Quite 'hand'some....:)

Quite 'hand'some....:)

Hypertufa mixture in surgical gloves.
Poke holes in ends of fingers to let out air and drape palm down on top of a spray paint can ...makes good pocket for soil and gives a natural ( i think) half closed hand look.

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Mar 01, 2015
Don't do it!
by: Jacki

I would be really wary of adding any kind of sculpted detail - these are so fragile you wouldn't believe it.

If I was trying to make fingernail detail, I would add some cut out plastic (like from a yogurt container) to the inside of the glove to test it out. Otherwise, maybe pressing carefully on the outside...thinking, and getting inspired!

Mar 01, 2015
adding details like fingernails to hands
by: June

I have seen several pictures of hand shaped
containers that had fingernail details added.
At what point is this added? Must it be in the
finger of the glove, or sculpted at some point
in the drying process?

Aug 09, 2014
by: gill

what is hypertugh

Hypertufa is a mix of concrete, peat moss and perlite. See more here; Hypertufa

Jul 05, 2014
another idea
by: Janine

you might also try putting a small fold of cardboard between the fingers so they will stay a little separate.

Jul 05, 2014
how to remove gloves easily
by: Janine

take small scissors and cut up from wrist along hand and along each finger. it will fall right off.

Sep 15, 2013
Awesome - A+ for creativity!
by: Sue

Love these - fabulous!

Jul 04, 2013
by: Sophie

Need some instructions for novice gardeners. Would like to do this but can't find any instruction just looks like a painted glove with hens and chickens in it.

There will be detailed instructions soon; the full succulent crafts e-course will be released here: Succulent Crafts E-Course

Jun 17, 2013
Help with removing the glove!!
by: Sue

How do you remove the glove once it hardens? I tried it and I broke several fingers trying to remove the glove. The idea is great!! Thanks!

Hi Sue, it's very tricky - you have to fully cure the hands, and if you've used the cheap latex gloves, these will eventually just shatter and fall off on their own. See more about this project on my other site here: Hypertufa Hands on Blue Fox Farm. Have fun!

May 29, 2013
by: June

Those turned out fabulous! I'll be trying these too, now that the weather's warmed up.

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