Help me identify this succulent.

by Hanis Khairi
(KL, Malaysia)

I bought this succulent from my local nursery. It is a fast grower. But to bad I can't find its name anywhere. Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance ! :D

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Oct 27, 2014
Poor thing!
by: Jacki

I can't believe that anyone would be selling these in Malaysia.

These are hardy succulents, Sempervivum, and they are really really unhappy.

They are not meant to grow in warm climates, and it won't live very long in your conditions. This one also needs lots more light, much less moisture.

I grow these a lot, but my conditions are dry and droughty with good drainage in the soil. If you have more humid conditions, these may survive if you can give them brighter light, and don't over water it.

They also need cold temperatures during the winter, which will be difficult to provide in your area. I would maybe just grow this for the year, and say goodbye if you can't provide the right conditions for it. You may be able to get it to struggle along, but it will never be happy. I would let the nursery know that this is not a good choice for them to be selling.

You can see more about this plant here, and how to grow them here.

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