Heart-Shaped Leaves

by Genevieve

thick heart-shaped leaves
little roots sticking out from the stem

Please help me identify my plant!

It has thick dark green leaves that are heart-shaped.

two leaves branch out close to the stem at a time, one on opposite sides of the stem.
Stem is green at first but turns grey like other cacti.

There are some short roots sticking out from the length of stem.

Leaves are the size of a woman's palm.
please tell me if there's any more information you need :) Thank You!!

Comments for Heart-Shaped Leaves

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Jun 08, 2015
by: Jacki

This is the heart leaved hoya, or Hoya kerria. Congratulations on such a lovely plant!

Jul 13, 2015
Heart shaped leaf plant
by: Linda

I just bought a beautiful heart shaped leaf plant. I thought it was so unusual I had to have it. I got it home and the more I looked at it the more I loved it. I loved it so much I went back and bought another one just in case something happens to the first one. They both are doing great. I looked the plant up and read how easy they are to take care of. I hope it lasts for many years!

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