Gift from the Volcano

by Holly

I didn't really go to a volcano for it, but had this chunk of strange looking rock in my fish tank. The fish all found new homes, or died, so I took the lava rock and planted this Echeveria in it.

I love the crunchy texture of the rock with the soft waxy look of the plant.

What a great little planter for some of our favorite succulents - the other big advantages to lava rocks is that the pores of gases trapped in it during it's formation make it really light, and it's easy to chip or drill a hole to plant into (always think 'safety' first - wear protective goggles to prevent eye damage - the tiny chips can be very sharp).

The great drainage of lava is perfect for succulents, which hate having wet feet, and the sharp edges of the inside of it give the roots something to cling to. All around, this is one of the most interesting materials to plant succulents in.

You can see more here: Lava Rocks.

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