Giant spiky succulent(?) 2m high, 3m across - quite common but what is it?

Yucca in Grand Forks as a comparison


I had a quite small spiky plant moved to a different part of my garden where it seems to be thriving/ increasing in size dramatically.

I've seen much smaller ones around (West Lothian, Central Scotland) so figure quite common.

This week I noticed it has sprouted 9 or 10 very 'alien' looking (to me!) stalks which are reaching upwards. (See photo)

Can you tell me what kind of plant and are these stalks - heads about a foot long - flowers?


Hi Ewan, that is a really cool looking flower stalk! I haven't seem this plant at this stage, but I'm wondering if this could be Yucca? The Adam's Needle and Soapweed both have the same spiky kind of leaves, very coarse and rough, and then the tall flower spike will emerge.

I just took pictures of some around here that are in full bloom, and spectacular, so it will be interesting to see if that's what this is.

Let me know if they turn out to be creamy white bell shaped flowers about 2" across in a cluster at the top of the stem as in the picture I took yesterday (July 11) in Grand Forks.

Hope that helps,

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Jul 15, 2013
Red flowers?

Hi Jacki,

Many thanks for your comment, flowers are 'just' becoming visible and they appear to be red.

I'll post a photo when in bloom.


As far as I know, Yucca flowers are white or purple depending on the variety - it will be interesting to see what they turn out to be...possibly not a Yucca?

Jul 31, 2013
Yucca type plant in or near bloom...
by: Ewan


I have some new pictures of yucca type plant in or near bloom (not sure if this is it flowering?!?)

Where can I post?


Hi Ewan, please post your new pics here; Succulent Pictures or if you want to have it identified, just go here; Succulent Plant Identification - see you there!

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