What is my houseplant with 2" skinny tubular flowers on an Aloe type plant?

by Teresa
(Edmonds,WA USA)

This plant looks like an aloe plant but with leathery leaves and a single stem of about 2" skinny tubular flowers about an inch apart and changing color from coral to light green on the bottom.

Hi Teresa, getting there! Those definitely look like Aloe flowers.

There are many, many different species and varieties of Aloe, some of which are small enough to grow indoors.

One of the very pretty kinds that blooms from now until mid August in my area is Aloe andongensis, which has small foliage that is very mottled with dark green and silver. Yours could be something like that, but sometimes it's impossible to really pin it down because of how many there are.

In addition to the flowers, you would need to send a picture of the actual plant for me to try and identify it more.

You can see more about Aloe here and here

Hope that helps narrow it down.

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Jul 27, 2013
Gasteria Flowers
by: Jacky Grundling

think these flowers belong to a Gasteria. I have one and the flowers looked the same.

Great minds think alike - I was thinking xGasteraloe actually, see the new picture of the foliage - what do you think, Jackie?

Jul 31, 2013
by: Jacky Grundling

I will load up a pic of my gasteria. Sorry no flowers this time!

You can just upload it to this page, if you like; Succulent Pictures. Thanks so much!

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Another picture of my plant!

by Teresa
(Edmonds,WA USA)

Here is the "mother" of my flowers. Can you tell from this picture and the previous pictures what type of aloe this is?
Thanks for all your help/and or information you can provide.

Hi Teresa - nice plant! I don't recognize this one - in fact, I'm wondering if this could possibly be one of the intergeneric hybrids between Aloe and Gasteria - I say that because of the ends of the leaves, which are not pointed like Aloe, but they taper the same way as Gasteria.

The flowers look more like Aloe, because Gasteria are named for the pouch like appearance of their flowers, which are stomach shaped, not tubular.

This picture looks very similar.

Sorry I can't narrow it down much more than that, but that seems the closest to me.

Best of luck with your lovely plant!

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