Found plant @ Arroyo de Chamisos Santa Fe

by Lindsay Holt
(Santa Fe)


Healthy after summer rains ... I would like to know what this is please - thank you !

L. Holt / Santa Fe, NM

Hi Linda, this looks suspiciously like Euphorbia myrsinites, otherwise known as Donkey Spurge - don't ask me why.

It's super drought tolerant, and can be incredibly invasive, due to that trait. It takes over waste lands and grazing areas, which puts it into the invasive plant category.

It needs nothing more than gravel to grow in, and actually prefers that.

It's other not so nice trait is that the sap is caustic, like all of the genus. Watch it carefully, or just get rid of it right away, before it spreads - don't invite it in to your garden, whatever you do.


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