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Flowering Succulent Plants

Succulent Plants with Flowers

As if succulent plants aren't already intriguing and beautiful enough, on top of their interesting textures and forms some of them also have the most incredible flowers.

Flowering succulent plants range from simply interesting, to gorgeous, to outright flamboyant. 

It's almost as if they figure they won't attract the right insects if they're too subtle, so they produce these incredibly complex and colorful flowers.

Some attract insects by scent, sometimes not the kind of perfume that attracts us, in the case of Stapelia and Huernia. 

These are also known as Carrion Flowers, so that should give you an indication of how they smell.

Others, like many of the Kalanchoe species offer spires and spikes of bell like blooms, in multi colored striped and blended flowers.

Flamboyant, fabulous flower

Cactus plants are renowned for their gorgeous fleeting tissue paper flowers, only after a long period of drought.

Ephiphytes like Schlumbergera and Epiphyllum are misleadingly dull - until they flower with masses of flowers all at once, or with dinner plate sized orchid blooms.

Red Stapelia




Kalanchoe species

Kalanchoe 'Pearl Bell'


Schlumbergera, Christmas Cactus


Orchid Cactus

Cactus Plant

Cactus Plants



Aloe flower




Kalanchoe species

Kalanchoe species











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beautiful flowering succulent 
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green stalks, leaves grow then drop, strange-shaped pink flowers 
green stalks, leaves grow then drop, strange-shaped pink flowers; see photo(s) Hi Philip, that one has me stumped! I don't know what this plant is, …

Arched leaves that look folded on themselves, flowers on long fragrant stalk.  
Hi, I have a plant with fleshy leaves that are kind of half moon shape. The leaves have a notch in their upper edge, and they have the appearance …

Maybe in the Christmas Cactus family?? 
A friend bought a sick succulent several years ago, on sale at a Lowe's, that wasn't identified. It bloomed last summer for the first time, and then set …

Stemmed plant with downhanging orange blooms 
This one was thick stem and branches, thick leaves and downhanging pods that produced orange coloured blooms. Got it from my brother in Houston, TX and …

Yellow Flower 
If possible can you identify just from the photo. Hi Lee, from the leaves, this appears to be some kind of orchid - there are many, many kinds, of …

inverted heart shaped small green leaf 
Small disc shape green leaf on dark stem at the end of the stem is a closed whitish bud that looks star shaped until it grows deepening in color to a …

Yellow/Orange Flowers with Fuzzy Leaves 
I purchased at a flower shop in Honolulu. Its around 6" tall with fuzzy leaves, orange and yellow flowers. Each flower has 5 petals with small green petals …

mysterious whit flowered plant 
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Trailing with small orange flowers 
Hi, I'd like to know what species this is, I picked the plant up from a dollar store. It has squat, oval leaves and a tiny (1cm blossom) orange flower …

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