echeveria identification

by Stephanie Crowe
(Broadalbin, NY, USA)

Hi, I would like to buy this plant, but I think it is incorrectly identified and I am having a hard time finding pictures of Echeveria in bloom that match.

It is identified as echeveria derenbergii, which I think has a more yellow/orange flower.

The closest thing I've found is possibly echeveria albicans? Thanks, Stephanie Crowe

Stephanie added this by email:

I found another possible answer to my question...echeveria "Dr. Butterfield"?
The Dr. Butterfield and albicans are the closest I've seen so far.

It's hard because there are so many echeveria but not a lot of pictures of the flowers.

Hi Stephanie, I know what you mean about the identification of these great plants!

It's like a detective story sometimes, and there is so much mis-information out there even with supposedly reputable nurseries and growers selling mis-named plants.

As there are so many named varieties and species, it's pretty much impossible, but you can get close with a combination of the way the plant grows, and what the foliage looks like, as well as the flowers:

These pages have some more information on the different hybrids you've already looked at, and may narrow it down more:

Echeveria derenbergii

E. albicans

E. Dr. Butterfield

My vote is for the latter!

Best of luck,

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