I have a very mature large Dieffenbachia that has brown snakelike (roots?) growing from the stem. Do you know what these are and will I harm the plant if I cut them off.

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Cut them off!
by: Jacki

Those are aerial roots, which emerge from higher up on the stem, instead of where you would expect them - under the soil. These roots only emerge on stems that are thick enough and on aged plants.

This makes this plant really easy to propagate, as those will eventually form into a root ball if you use a method called air layering, where you wrap a piece of moss around the stem where there is a root coming out, and then tape some plastic wrap over it to hold the moisture in.

If you find them unsightly, or have no intention of ever rooting more plants, by all means cut them off. It won't harm the plant although it may give it incentive to grow even more of them...

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