by Anya McConnell
(Ontario, Canada)

Unknown cactus

Unknown cactus

This plant has rose coloured leaves with stripes running along the length of the leaves.

The edges are wavy and have very short spikes. The plant is kind of flat with the leaves growing sideways rather than upright.

Its growth habit is sort of like a rosette. It started to grow a bud in the centre, but is now shriveling up. New shoots are growing at the base of some of the upper leaves. I bought this plant at a garden centre.

It is labeled as a cactus, but has no species identifier. I would like to identity this plant so I can properly care for it. Thanks.

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Aug 01, 2017
by: Jacki

This is Cryptanthus, or Earth Star. The one you have is Cryptanthus bivitatus, of which there are a lot of different sub species and varieties.

They actually prefer a bit more humid atmosphere, making them perfect for growing in terrariums.

It will eventually flower, with the odd looking white flowers emerging from the very center of it, where the leaves emerge.

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