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We are a Peace Country Sod grower and want to diversify our farm. I was thinking of growing Sedum in bulk on some of our land that is not in sod production.

We already have contact with landscapers and can promote it that way. I think it can be possible for our sod cutter to harvest mats of Sedum cover (after 2/3/4 years??) In the mean time our field will look nice and require no maintenance. The soil we have in mind is somewhat peatmoss.

Can you give me advice? (how much stock do I need to buy and how much will it cost)

Sincerely, Hilda de Jong
Windmill Turf Farm

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Hilda - what an interesting concept - I think it could fly!

Depending on the actual area you have available, you can easily use plugs or unrooted cuttings at a spacing of 1-2 per 30cm (one foot) squared. These would take around 2 years to completely fill the area, after which you could harvest it with your sod cutter.

The price on established plugs is around $1 each, depending on the quantity you would need, and for unrooted cuttings the price is $.20 each.

Contact me to place your order and I can tell you more about discounts you may be eligible for.


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