Cluster succulents that look like extra long green beans

by Jessica
(Phoenix, AZ)

Poisonous Succulent Plants

Poisonous Succulent Plants

Has a white sap (like sticky milk) and grows in front of the Phoenix Art Museum and many other newer landscapes in Phoenix. No thorns, no flowers (I think).

Thank you!

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Any plant that has sticky latex sap is potentially Euphorbia - a poisonous plant.

Without a picture, I have no way of telling you any more about the plant, as there are lots and lots of really different looking plants in the family.

This genus ranges from the Christmas Poinsettia, to Firesticks to Devils Backbone, all with varying degrees of poisonous attributes.

See more here: Euphorbia.

Please use caution with these plants.

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Jul 25, 2012
Strange looking succulents!
by: Michal Ann

Hi Jacki, you nailed it on the head! What amazes me is how many different kinds of plants are related to these, even sunflowers.

Thank you for your help. My husband has started collecting cacti and succulenta and that's what got me started looking in to them.

What fun!

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