Broad, flat but thick leaf succulent

by Barbara
(Cardiff by the Sea CA)

I found this plant in the garden of a house I bought in coastal Southern CA.

It doesn't look to be in very good shape but is pretty and I'd like to save it.

I tried to figure out what it is, thought it might be a kalanchoe of some type, but the leaves are too thick for any variety I could find.

They are almost like a cactus, very densely packed, but with no spines. The red flower is like a little bouquet. Help?

Good call on the Kalanchoe - my first thought was it's K. marmorata, the Penwiper plant. The flowers are all wrong for that, as they're white. This is definitely some kind of Kalanchoe, just not sure which species.

You can see more about other species here; Kalanchoe species

Sorry I couldn't narrow it down more than that, but it does give you somewhere to start looking.
Best of luck,

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Aug 28, 2013
Crassula falcata
by: haveda

That's a Crassula falcata, I'm quite jealous of your flowers!

Aug 28, 2013
on second glance...
by: haveda

...there seems to be more than one type in there. The red flowering plant on the right is a Crassula falcata. On the left - not sure, probably a Kalanchoe, as mentioned.

Aug 30, 2013
Plant ID
by: Barbara

Thank you so much! Yes the flowers are lovely. I inherited this multi planted pot and a lot of others with a house I bought, and want to make sure I take proper care of them.

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