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Best Garden, Plant and Outdoor Design Books

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Over the years that I’ve had this obsession with plants and gardening, I’ve accumulated many books in my library, acquiring some from other people as gifts, or at garage sales or in the recycle center.

Some arrive in the mail from with their huge selection to choose from, both new releases and used.

Books about plants, books about landscaping with hardy succulents, books about how to grow plants, and what to plant where; Some have become old friends, read and re-read many times.

It’s hard to buy things sight unseen based on the description and the picture on the cover.

I look for those books that have excellent photography, and lots of it.

I prefer books that give me ideas for my garden projects, but not lots of diagrams. I find I get lost in measurements and schematics too easily, and turn the page.

Inspiration, ideas and innovation are the things that get the cogs turning in my brain.

Here are a few of the gems in my library which you may be interested in locating. I don’t know if they are all in print, but with you can find almost anything.

Best Gardening Books in my Library:

In a Canadian Garden

By Nicole Eaton and Hilary Weston and the superb photographic talents of Freeman Patterson.

ISBN #0-8478-1145-X

Gardening America – Regional and Historical Influences in the Contemporary Garden

By Ogden Tanner

ISBN #0-670-82240-X

The Gardens of Russel Page

by Marina Schinz and Gabrielle van Zuylen

ISBN # 1-55670-170-5

Bold Romantic Gardens

Bold Romantic Gardens

The New World Landscapes of Oehme and van Sweden

by Wolfgang Oehme and James van Sweden with Susan Rademacher Frey

ISBN #0-87491-950-9

The Passion for Gardening – Inspiration for a Lifetime

by Ken Druse

dISBN #0-517-70788-8

The Natural Garden

By Ken Druse

ISBN #0-517-55046-6

Do I need to say this?  Ken Druse is one of my favorite garden writers; he's funny, succinct and has a way of writing that makes you feel as if you're a good friend, over for tea and a quick turn around the garden.  He tells garden stories and plant tales that make you want to get out there and start mixing soil.

Making More Plants by Ken Druse

Making More Plants – The Science, Art and Joy of Propagation

By Ken Druse

ISBN #0-547-70787-X

The New Garden Paradise – Great Private Gardens of the World

by Dominique Browning and the editors of House and Garden

ISBN #0-393-05939-1

Gardens of Plenty – the Art of the Potager Garden

By Marylyn Abbott

ISBN #1-85626-367-3

Sunset Western Garden Book

ISBN #0-376-03853-5

Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion

By Shane Smith

ISBN #1-55591-450-0

The Complete Book of Alpine Gardening

By Richard Bird and John A. Kelly ISBN #0-7063-7063-6

Best Books on Related Subjects in my Library:

Minnie Rose Lovgreens Recipe for Raising Chickens

Minnie Rose Lovgreen’s Recipe for Raising Chickens

by Minnie Rose Lovgreen ISBN #0-914718-09-6

Sharing her story about growing a garden and raising chickens the natural way on Bainbridge Island off the Washington coast, Minnie Rose has a knack for welcoming you into her world. 

It's not often that you can find this book, as it's out of print, but you may luck out and find it used.

I want these books!

Debra Lee Baldwin

  • Succulent Container Planting
  • Landscaping with Succulents

Thomas Hobbs

  • Shocking Beauty
  • The Jewel Box Garden

Ken Druse

  • The Collectors Garden
  • The Habitat Garden

Ray Stephenson

Sedum: Cultivated Stonecrops.

ISBN #0881922382

What's your Favorite Garden Book?

Review your favorite plant, gardening or landscaping book - in fact any topic to do with gardens is welcome here. Include details about the book such as what you like the best about it - pictures, important methods of plant production, whatever you think is important. And of course, if you absolutely hate the book, tell us about that too!

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In a Canadian Garden 
This book, In a Canadian Garden, by Nicole Eaton and Hilary Weston, with the excellent photography of Freeman Patterson is one of my all time favorite …

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