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As a Certified Horticulturist and the owner of my own Sedum and Succulent Nursery, I have a lot of experience in growing plants, sometimes successfully, other times not so much.

Just because I have training, and many years of running nurseries it doesn't mean that I know everything about plants.

The field of horticulture is one that has endless opportunities to test your skills. The learning is never over...

With a lot of failures under my belt, I'm eminently qualified to attempt to steer your horticultural endeavors in the right direction.

Someone once told me, until you've killed off at least a couple of hundred plants, you'll never be a gardener.

I must be a master gardener by now; the death toll is huge and growing.

Luckily, even dead plants can still be useful; not only do they teach you how to deal with disappointment, they make good compost too.

Part of successfully growing plants is learning from your mistakes, and believe me, I've made plenty.

Yes, I am a Certified Horticulturist!

If you have burning questions like;

Why is my succulent dying?

How long will an Echeveria live?


What's the best kind of fertilizer for my houseplants?

...ask them here, I'll do my best to answer your question.

I'm good, but I'm not psychic...

Pictures are essential if you're asking about a bug, or a particular plant, so if you have one or several, please add them to your submission.

Make sure you put your correct email address in the notification section, or you won't get notified that there is an answer to your question.

Don't know what to ask?  Check here to see if your question is covered below; use a descriptive phrase for your problem:

The Horticulturist is back in the office on a limited basis; use the handy dandy search box to try and find a similar question that I've already answered; best of luck with your plants!  If your question requires priority, I've also got a pay per question system...

To help me help you...

Please give me some background information, such as your planting zone (if you know it), your geographic location, and where you're growing your plant (indoors or outside). 

More detail is better than not enough, to help with diagnosing a problem so I can give you the most relevant answer to your horticultural question.

Please don't ask me to identify your plant on this page, it's for questions about the care and growing of succulents.

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