A small center stalk supporting slightly serrated leaves and "flowers".

by Cara V
(Ceres, CA, USA)

A view from directly above.

A view from directly above.

A view from directly above.
A sideview.

a 4" succulent with a small center stalk which supports broad, slightly serrated leaves that are just a tiny bit rust colored around the edges. This plant also has what looks like pale yellow, pink-edged flowers. Each "flower" has five(5) larger outer leaves, three(3) smaller inner leaves, and a very tight cluster of three(3) plus teeny-tiny center leaves.

Drought Smart Plants reply: oh, you've got one of my favorite little plants - this is Aeonium haworthia 'Kiwi' and it's one of the finest of all the Aeonium, in my opinion. It's low growing, and very easy to take care of, as long as it gets bright light but not scorching sun.

As with all Aeonium, it tends to want to go dormant if the summer is really hot, and comes back into growth later on as the nights cool down. Interestingly, the leaves will tend to revert back to all green during the winter, and only change back to their lovely peach, mango and green as weather warms in the springtime.

These plants are native to the Canary Islands and Tenerife, so they are evolved to withstand very warm temperatures and sunny weather.

See more about your little plant here: Aeonium.

Happy Succulent Growing!

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