A Guide to the Ultimate Succulent Wedding

Make Yours Stand Out From the Crowd

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Everyone wants their wedding to be the one everyone remembers.  Make yours so special that your guests will use it as the baseline for all others to come.

A Guide to the Ultimate Succulent Wedding...

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Using succulents as wedding flowers and wedding favors is not new, but you can make yours spectacular even while keeping it simple and classic.

With succulents, timing is everything.  You need to have the plants or rosettes at the perfect stage of growth so they are not too big, and not too small, just like Goldilocks.

If possible, and you have the right conditions of bright but cool and dry area to put them in, get the plants a few weeks ahead of time, so you can get them to be at the right stage of growth before the big day.

They need to be allowed to dry out sufficiently that they are almost going dormant, but not wrinkling up. 

This makes them much easier to handle when you put them into their special pots for giving to your guests as wedding favors, and also prevents them making a mess with too much moisture or wet soil spilling out. 

Your guests will appreciate this thoughtfulness!

Painted succulents and Catteleya orchids...

For wedding flowers, if they're not the right color to blend in to your dresses and other wedding accessories, they can be painted with floral spray. 

I don't recommend this for plants that you will be growing for yourself, but for wedding flowers where you cut the rosette off and use it instead of flowers this is a perfectly acceptable practice. 

This step should be done almost at the last minute to prevent the plant from showing its true colors - another reason to force them into semi dormancy; it stops or slows the growth of the plant minimizing the appearance of 'roots' - just like dyed hair.

For wedding favors, it's important to have your decorative pots on hand well in advance so you can gear the growth rate of the plants to the size of the pot.  Nothing looks worse than a plant that is too big, crammed into a tiny pot, or the opposite, a tiny little seeding in swamped by a giant  container.

Many florists or greenhouses in your area will be glad to help if you don't have access to the right conditions to custom grow the succulents; in fact, many growers are now specializing in providing the plants for just such an occasion.

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