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There's something you should know about Succulents...

They're very addictive!

What is it about succulents that appeals so much?  It could be their chubby little leaves, or the way they are so easy to root to get more.  Whenever you see them, you'll be drawn to their appealing shapes and forms.

Wondering what kinds of ways you can use to minimize your water use, yet still have a lush garden?

Not to worry; you can have a gorgeous colorful garden using some of the most interesting plants around; succulents.  These odd plants have the ability to thrive in drought, storing water for the tough times ahead.

This trait makes them perfect candidates for planting into all kinds of odd and funky planters.

Gorgeous hardy succulents like Hens and Chicks and Stonecrop - sometimes known as Sempervivum and Sedum - along with their cousins, Jovibarba and Orostachys have been grown in cold climates for ages; they are just now being rediscovered for their willingness to take on a challenge.

Tender Aloe and Kalanchoe, Echeveria and Sanseveria are often grown indoors as houseplants in colder climates.

My Garden is in Zone 5 on the Canadian Plant Hardiness Map in Grand Forks, British Columbia

Zone 4b USDA

Xeriscaping - the Art of Gardening with Less Water

Sometimes, it's not the drought you have to worry about; it's the excess rainfall.  How on earth can you store that water for the dry times ahead? 

Learn all about xeriscaping with the free Xeriscaping E-Course, and at the end of it, sign up for the water e-course too.  You'll be well ahead of the crowd when it comes to knowing how to make water go further, both in the plants you choose, and the management of a precious resource.

Containers spilling over with healthy and happy succulent plants on your deck or sun drenched patio no longer means watering twice or three times a day – you won’t be a slave to these drought smart plants!

Unusual hypertufa containers, rustic salvage and recycling give your garden a charming and unique ambiance. 

Mix and match hardy and tender species and varieties for a gorgeous summer display.

Tender doesn't mean 'delicate'...

There are lots of lovely tender types to invite into your home as house plants; fat plants such as Echeveria and Aloe combine so well in containers and planters.

Now that you have started your collection, learn all about how to display those fascinating plants to full advantage, and how to keep them healthy and happy: (click the pictures)

Hardy succulent plants could be in your garden right now...

There's a wide range of tough, reliable garden plants that have the ability to withstand drought, and thrive in even the most challenging of conditions;

Many gardeners sense a mysterious attraction to succulents of all kinds. You may feel the pull of their symmetry and simplicity like many others before you, and admire their toughness and resilience in conditions of poor soil, infrequent watering and neglect.

Your garden can still look lush and inviting, even when you don’t have time to water and cater to the whims of more fussy plants.

Xeric plants are not only drought smart and water wise, they have many other unique strategies to help them thrive in less than ideal conditions. Plan, design and nurture your perfect ecological niche.

I’m Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist, avid Xeric Gardener and Wildcrafting Artisan.

Find out more about me, and join me on the adventure of a lifetime in the hunt for exotic, unusual, intriguing and fascinating Drought Smart Plants.

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